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3 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want Teeth Whitening

On one hand, you know that what you really want is a whiter smile. This is a very easy conclusion to come to, particularly when you are seeing a discolored grin every time you look in the mirror. However, in terms of

whether teeth whitening is the best solution for you and whether your smile is ready for this transformation, well … this may be new territory for you! So, allow our Columbia, TN team to offer a few questions to ask yourself, so you can soon begin your journey toward a prettier, whiter grin!

#1: Is My Smile Healthy Right Now?

Yay! A whiter smile is just around the corner, thanks to teeth whitening or other cosmetic care, right? Well, you have to first ask yourself if your smile is healthy right now. If you’re not sure, then you should definitely schedule a dental checkup with us. Remember this key factor: Cosmetic treatments are performed only on healthy smiles. So, you might need to take a few steps to first achieve better oral health before you’re truly prepped and ready to go. Fortunately, this is achievable!

#2: Have I Discussed Cosmetic Care With My Dentist?

Is teeth whitening something you’ve thought about quite a lot but not a personal goal you have shared with our team just yet? If so, take time to give us a quick call. Inform us of your plans to whiten your smile and we will schedule a cosmetic consultation for the time and date that will work best for you. As we meet with you to discuss the details, we can check in on the aforementioned health of your smile and we can provide you with all of the different options available that will help you brighten up those teeth.

#3: What Am I Hoping To Achieve?

We encourage you to take a moment to ask yourself what you’re hoping to achieve in terms of teeth whitening. If you just want a more vibrant grin because of yellowing or general discoloration, then whitening is likely a good fit. If you have very stubborn or deep staining or if you’re hoping for a glowing, whiter-than-ever grin, you may need to talk about a treatment like porcelain veneers with us. Just remember that a positive, realistic outlook will take you far in the world of cosmetic care.

Prepare For Teeth Whitening

To ensure you’re ready for teeth whitening, remember that there are many details to first consider. Visit our team for a cosmetic consultation to learn about preparation and to lead yourself toward a whiter grin. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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