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What Kind Of Support Should A Dental Crown Provide?

At our Columbia, TN dental office, we are focused on helping patients avoid the sorts of problems that make restorative treatments necessary. With that said, we are prepared to provide restorative dental work whenever a person's tooth is in poor health, or when it has problems with its shape, severe staining, or some other issue. We can place a custom dental crown over your tooth so that it stays safe, and to make sure you can still bite and chew without difficulties. We also provide more conservative treatment with dental fillings, and we can help you avoid future troubles when you see us for regular dental checkups!

What Makes Treatment With A Crown Necessary?

Dental crowns are used in some cavity treatments, and when dental injuries do more damage than we can address through a cosmetic restoration like porcelain veneers. They can also help when a tooth is severely stained, or when its shape or size interferes with your bite function.

A dental crown will typically be placed in the course of two appointments. At your first visit, we take careful measurements of your tooth so that a custom restoration can be made. The right dimensions are important, as they help us ensure that your crown fits securely and does not bother neighboring teeth.

How Can I Keep My Crown In Good Condition?

With the right approach to preventive care, crowns often stay in good condition for up to fifteen years. What can you do to protect yours? Just as you need to protect your natural teeth on a daily basis, you will need to take care of a crown by brushing, flossing, and arranging regular dental checkups. If you do experience a problem with your crown at any point, let your dentist know. A broken or loose crown can create problems for your oral health if it is not addressed in time.

Avoiding Future Problems That Call For Dental Procedures

While we are ready to provide dental crowns that protect teeth and preserve your dental function, remember that we are also here to help you avoid potential problems that make them necessary! Regular dental exams provide you with early warnings about cavities that can be addressed with more conservative dental fillings. Your visits also give you support in the form of cleanings that remove tartar and plaque, lowering your risk for future cavities.

Schedule Restorative Dental Work At Creekside Family Dentistry

At Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN, patients can count on us to address their different needs and concerns when it comes to treating problems with their oral health. Our dental crowns can provide lasting protection and functional support, so you will not have to worry about your tooth or bite being vulnerable. If you wish to learn more, please call our Columbia, TN dentist's office at (931) 388–3384.

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