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Quiz: A Full-Mouth Restoration

Who needs a

full-mouth restoration? This process is for any person who will need multiple treatments to bring their oral health into ideal shape. What will the experience be like? That can depend on your current condition – there are a range of issues that can be addressed. You could have problems with your teeth, your gums, or your jaw. After reviewing your current condition, your dentist can lay out their recommendations for what needs to be done, and you can arrange a schedule that fits your needs, and sees your oral health fully addressed.


True Or False: The first step in a full-mouth restoration is to address your cosmetic dental problems.

True Or False: If part of your restoration requires you to receive a dental crown, it will never take less than two appointments under any circumstances.

True Or False: Your full-mouth restoration may include orthodontic work, if necessary.


False! The most important part of your full-mouth restoration is your oral health. That being said, once the necessary restorative work is performed, you can look at cosmetic treatment options.

False! While it does take two appointments to receive a crown made in a dental lab, you can have a CEREC crown in a single visit. CEREC technology provides the tools your dentist needs to make in-office ceramic crowns.

True! Part of your oral health issues could be rooted in alignment issues. Your dentist can provide orthodontic work to correct the positions of your teeth. This can have a positive cosmetic effect, as well as make it easier to keep your teeth healthy.

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