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Q&A: Cosmetic Care For A White Smile

One of the very popular reasons

we see patients in our practice for cosmetic care? Just about everyone out there wants a bright white smile but this isn’t something you can accomplish at home if you’re dealing with any level of discoloration. What does that mean for you exactly, you wonder? Do you need professional whitening? Is there some other way to erase stains and reveal a beautiful, shimmering grin? We’re happy to answer initial questions and would love for you to schedule a visit. During your consultation, we can speak to you about your smile needs and the best cosmetic treatment for you.

Questions and Answers

Question: Will I probably need teeth whitening to brighten my smile?

Answer: It all depends on the type of staining you’ve experienced. If your smile is mildly or moderately discolored, you are likely a candidate for all over whitening, which will uniformly lift stains from your grin.

Question: Why would you suggest bonding for me instead of another cosmetic treatment?

Answer: We may suggest bonding to brighten your smile if whitening isn’t necessarily the best choice. This typically occurs when you have one stained tooth, independent stains rather that all over staining, or hard-to-treat stains that require camouflaging.

Question: If not whitening or bonding, then when do porcelain veneers turn out to be a better-suited cosmetic care solution for my smile?

Answer: If you’re looking to camouflage a full smile but whitening cannot address your discoloration, veneers provide you with a way to cover stains, while creating a very natural-looking, transformed smile. Veneers are also helpful in that they address a long list of other esthetic concerns.

Learn How To Whiten Your Smile With Professional Care

A consultation with our team will guide you toward cosmetic care that will lift or camouflage stains, so you have the white smile you’re dreaming of achieving. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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