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Puckett’s & Block Performers Present “Greater Tuna”

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Were you considering dinner and a movie for Valentine’s Day this year? If so, why not infuse your romantic outing with a slight twist and head out for dinner and a show instead? The upcoming “Greater Tuna” is a comedic show performed live, while you and your sweetheart enjoy a delicious dinner. It’s certainly a surefire way to celebrate February 14th with a huge smile on your face!

What Is This?

You will enjoy a meal and take in “Greater Tuna” as acted out by Block Performers. What’s this all about, you wonder? Well, you’ll sit down to a delicious homestyle Southern dinner at Puckett’s, which will then be followed by a hilarious, satirical show all about a made-up town (called Tuna, TX). It’s sure to be just as engaging as it is funny!

When Is It?

Pick up your date and head over to Puckett’s for dinner at 5:30pm and a show that begins at 6:00pm. The show ends at 8:30pm. You may attend on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2019 or catch the second round on February 15th.

Where Is It?

Show up at Puckett’s for an evening of fun! The venue is located at the following address:

15 Public Square Columbia,TN 38401

How Much Is Admission?

The show is $28 per person.

How May I Discover More?

Interested but still have some questions about the upcoming event? You may call (931) 442-5007 for additional details!

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