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Planning Routine Dental Checkups

Do you have your next

preventive dental appointment marked on your calendar? The standard guideline is for a person to see their dentist every six months. At each visit, you enjoy the expert care from your hygienist, who can offer a superior teeth cleaning. You also receive a checkup from your dentist, which will involve an inspection for a range of possible issues. By adhering to the appropriate schedule for your appointments, your dentist can help you enjoy the best possible preventive dental care.

What You Can Miss When You Miss A Checkup

One thing that can be missed when you miss a checkup is a cavity. While you might expect a cavity to be uncomfortable, you should know that the earliest stages of decay can be small. When your dentist catches a small cavity, the infection can be removed, and only a small dental filling will be needed to restore your tooth. Without that detection and treatment, the cavity will keep growing. When you finally have it treated, you might need a dental crown to restore your tooth.

Making Sure Your At-Home Care Is Keeping Your Teeth Safe

Dental visits can do wonders for your teeth, but even if you stick to visiting every six months, you still need to put in work on your at-home care. Make sure you brush thoroughly, and take your time when you do so. When you insufficiently address certain areas of your teeth, you leave openings for tooth decay. Regular care should also include flossing. Flossing helps clean areas that are more difficult to reach, and can also help you fight gum disease.

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