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Important Questions About the Benefits of Veneers

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Having a beautiful, healthy-looking, and blemish-free smile is one of the greatest advantages of receiving one or more custom-designed veneers. The precise design and conservative placement of porcelain veneers can make them a viable option for several different cosmetic concerns, and give them a highly lifelike appearance that blends in almost seamlessly with your smile. At our Columbia, TN, dental office, we can help you determine if your smile can benefit from one or more porcelain veneers to improve its appearance, depending on the specific smile concerns you have.

How much of my tooth needs to be prepared?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are designed to instantly improve your smile’s appearance. However, unlike a porcelain dental crown, a veneer doesn’t require that your whole tooth be prepared before it can be placed. A custom-designed veneer is made to replace only the visible surface of a tooth, meaning preparation only requires a small amount of enamel be sculpted from the front of it. The minimal amount of tooth preparation is an important advantage to porcelain veneers, as it means you can improve your smile dramatically while preserving a maximum amount of your healthy tooth structure.

Will placing multiple veneers be more difficult?

Placing multiple veneers on multiple teeth is more involved than placing just a single veneer, but because of their minimally invasive nature, multi-tooth improvement with veneers is still a conservative procedure. In fact, the use of multiple, custom-designed veneers is often essential in designing a full smile makeover, which involves addressing multiple concerns with your teeth at once. The ability to address a variety of different issues means many patients can completely makeover their smiles with just a single procedure.

How noticeable will my veneers be?

In addition to their minimally invasive nature, another part of what makes porcelain veneers an ideal option for many patients is their highly lifelike appearance. Dental porcelain is highly customizable, and can be tinted to match the color, shade, shine, and overall appearance of your healthy, natural tooth structure. This means whether you need one veneer or several of them, the results of your treatment will look natural and be barely distinguishable from the rest of your healthy smile.

Learn if you can benefit from veneers

Porcelain veneers are designed to offer more benefits for your smile than you might realize. To learn more about how they can improve your smile, schedule an appointment by calling Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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