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Do I Have a Dental Problem?

Have you spent the last few weeks bowing out of after-work drinks with friends, because of dental discomfort? Does it feel like ages since you actually enjoyed your morning cup of Joe? When you look in the mirror are you saddened or even frightened by noticeable discoloration like dark or white patches on your teeth? Did you know that these are all warning signs of dental problems, like acidic erosion? The good news is that if you do have a dental problem,

restorative dentistry could likely improve your comfort and your confidence. You just need to schedule an appointment, quickly, in order to help protect your smile.

What Can Be Done for a Cavity?

Cavities are the most common form of dental problem. In fact, they affect over 90 percent of adults in America, by some studies, and many school-aged children, as well. That said, cavities are largely preventable with proper dental care, including regular professional cleanings.

If you are diagnosed with a cavity, though, a modern dental filling could likely protect the tooth against further erosion as well as to prevent infection. Perhaps best of all, modern fillings can be made of a natural-looking material called composite resin.

Other Forms of Restoration

In the case of teeth that have become chipped or cracked, dental crowns are frequently recommended. Not only can crowns prevent further wear and protect against bacteria, but they can also offer cosmetic benefits as well. Porcelain dental crowns can create nearly seamless restorations, allowing for added confidence when smiling!

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