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Dental Bridges Offer Custom Tooth Replacement

When you lose a tooth, this could mean serious complications for the function, health, and beauty of your smile. But by addressing missing teeth with a bridge, we can restore your smile and prevent these complications! In today’s blog, your Columbia, TN, dentist talks about our custom dental bridges.


The Dangers of Your Missing Teeth

When we lose our teeth, whether that is due to injury, decay or infection, or even gum disease, this leaves behind a gap in your smile. The gap could mean surrounding teeth to drift from position, which creates misalignment and increases the risk of cavities and periodontal concerns. In addition, missing teeth could alter how we eat, make speaking clearly difficult, and of course, make you feel less confident in your smile’s appearance. To address minor tooth loss, usually cases of one to three missing teeth in a row, our team could create and secure a custom dental bridge.

Creating Your Custom Prosthetic

Each prosthetic we provide for our patients will be custom-made for your smile. To begin, we will numb your smile and remove structure for the teeth on each side of the gap, known as abutment teeth. We then take digital images of the teeth to create a 3D impression, which we use in a lab setting to design and craft your prosthetic. The bridge will contain new teeth with crowns attached to one or both ends. The new teeth and crowns will be made from materials like ceramic, which can be shaded to blend with your smile seamlessly, so your new teeth look natural. The material also provides a durable chewing surface too, and can stay in place for years to come!

Placing Your New Teeth

Once we prepare your teeth and take images for impressions, we will attach a temporary bridge to keep your smile whole until your custom option is ready. Once we complete your final prosthetic, you will return to the office so we can swap the temporary for the final product, securing it with a bonding agent so it can stay in place for years to come, often as much as 15 years. Your prosthetic is easy to care for, just brush and floss around it as you would natural teeth, and clean the spaces between the top of the gums and the bottom of your prosthetic.

If you have any questions about dental bridges, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with our team, then contact our team today to learn more.

Talk To Creekside Family Dentistry About Addressing Your Tooth Loss

We can offer a lifelike and long-lasting dental prosthetic to fill the gaps in your smile. Give us a call at Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN at (931) 388-3384 for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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