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Cosmetic Care Questions: Quieting Common Concerns

As you might imagine, there are lots of things that we hear from patients on a very regular basis in regard to all areas of dental care. Of course, when it comes to cosmetic care, our Columbia, TN team can very quickly come up with a list of common concerns and the reasons you don’t actually need to feel worried about them. If you’ve been interested in coming to see us to learn about how you can enjoy a smile that you feel prouder of but you’ve got those worries on your mind, let us help!

Is Cosmetic Treatment Mostly For Lazy People?

Not at all! We know that the reason you ask this may be because you feel guilty about having discoloration or other problems that have developed over time. While it is, of course, possible that lax habits can expedite your need for something like teeth whitening, it’s also entirely possible that you want bonding from us to fill a gap that you have always had. Cosmetic care is for all types of people who simply want better looking smile.

Will Cosmetic Dental Care Damage My Grin?

No! That is, as long as you receive cosmetic care with us. Remember that we are dental professionals and that our entire goal as a practice is to protect your smile! The result? No matter the treatment we provide, we only do so if we can treat you, while keeping your oral health safe.

Won’t I Just Need More Care Soon For Upkeep?

If you keep your smile safe and clean with brushing and flossing and with preventive care with us, then you won’t need cosmetic care again very soon. Might you need in in the distant future? Sure! Teeth that are free of cosmetic treatments or that have received them are always vulnerable to esthetic damage. However, the better you care for teeth, the longer the beauty will last.

Can’t I Just Fix Issues On My Own?

You may try to provide yourself with your own cosmetic care. However, we never suggest it. Even if you assume the teeth whitening you pick up from your local drugstore is fine because it’s from a well-respected brand, remember that you can very easily damage your smile (and that if it’s not a professional treatment, the results will likely not be what you desire). Instead, see us!

Access Cosmetic Care For A Prettier Smile

Focus on the fact that when you are ready to make your smile look better in any way, shape, or form, we offer comprehensive cosmetic care to help you address problems and then reveal a much more beautiful grin. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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