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Composite Resin Can Help Restore Your Smile

With the right materials, your dentist can do wonderful work with your smile. Some of the available resources, like composite resin, can have multiple applications. This material is relied upon for

restorative dental work, as it is used for your dental fillings. For cosmetic dental care, composite resin can help make a tooth more attractive by dealing with its shape, color, and size. When you seek dental treatment, you obviously want to come away with a smile you can feel good about. Composite resin helps ensure that there are treatments that can accommodate your health needs, but leave your smile in great condition.

Doing Restorative Work With Composite Resin

A filling earns its name because it “fills” the space of a tooth lost to a cavity treatment. After excising infected enamel, your dentist can use composite resin to treat your tooth. You will come away with a healthy, discreetly treated tooth. You should keep in mind that a filling is not the way every cavity is treated. If the damage or loss of tooth structure is too great, it can call for another form of restorative care.

How Dental Bonding Addresses Cosmetic Tooth Flaws

How many dental visits do you think stand between you and the smile you want to show the world? If your particular cosmetic hang-up is a flawed tooth, the answer may be just one. Dental bonding uses composite resin to cover flaws in the appearance of a tooth. Those flaws can relate to the tooth’s color, signs of damage, or even genetic flaws (like being undersized). However, if you need to address a higher number of teeth, more than one visit may be required.

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