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Are Your Teeth Crooked? Straighten Them Discreetly

Having crooked teeth may not seem like a big deal if they don’t dramatically impact your smile’s appearance. However, even when it’s barely noticeable, any misalignment in how your upper and lower teeth meet each other can lead to potentially serious problems with your oral health if it isn’t corrected. The good news for many patients with crooked teeth is that straighten them doesn’t have to be complicated or conspicuous. With the help of more discreet orthodontic options, such as Six Month Smiles, you may be able to enjoy a straighter and healthier smile without your orthodontic treatment being obvious to everyone else.

Why your tooth alignment matters

The importance of straightening your crooked teeth can’t be overstated, even if the condition seems minor. There are many different factors that go into your bite’s function, the alignment of your teeth being just one of them, and if this alignment is off, it can negatively impact every other aspect of your oral health. For instance, your bite won’t be able to function properly because your teeth won’t meet each other squarely, and this can place excessive stress on your jaw’s joints and muscles. This may lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and a wide range of resulting symptoms, including chronic headaches, teeth grinding, further tooth misalignment, and more.

How discreet orthodontics works

The goal of straightening your crooked teeth is to bring all of them into alignment so your bite can function properly again. Traditional orthodontic braces accomplish this with the help of metal brackets and wires, which gently and continuously apply pressure to your teeth to guide their movement. For many patients, we can also recommend more discreet orthodontic treatment with Six Month Smiles, which include tooth-colored brackets and wires or clear, nearly invisible aligners. As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles can often help straighten crooked teeth in as few as six months, and using appliances that are designed specifically to remain discreet and blend in with your smile throughout your treatment.

Benefit from a straighter smile

Straightening crooked teeth can dramatically improve your smile’s appearance, but the benefits of orthodontic treatment go beyond that. With straighter tooth alignment, your bite can once again function properly and in balance, reducing excessive stress on the parts of your oral health that contribute to that function. You can also reduce the risks of damage to your healthy, natural tooth structure due to the imbalance in your bite and avoid the need for more extensive treatment to address it.

Learn how to straighten your crooked teeth

If your teeth aren’t aligned as they should be, then find out you’re a good candidate for more discreet orthodontic treatment. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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